The Invisible Man (2020) Review

Modern master of horror Leigh Whannell brings us a brilliant reimagining of The Invisible Man. You may know the eponymous character from the H.G. Wells novel (1897) or the 1930 film of the same name. From the suspenseful opening to the thrilling conclusion, this film was a delight to watch.

Best Horror Films On Netflix To Watch Right Now!

This list is accurate as of November 9th 2020. Insidious 2 Released: 2013 Written By: Leigh Whannell Directed By: James Wan Starring: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, Ty Simpkins In this sequel to 2010's Insidious, the Lambert family, along with a team of ghost experts, scramble to uncover the mystery that keeps them dangerously…

The Haunting Of Sharon Tate (2019) Review

The Haunting Of Sharon Tate released in April 2019, months before the 50th anniversary of the grisly murders of Sharon Tate (Hilary Duff) and her friends in her California home on August 8th 1969. Having a read of the reviews regarding this film, it's almost a unanimous opinion that this film should have just never been made. Directed and written by Daniel Farrands, this home invasion horror attempts to offer an alternate ending to a real life tragedy.